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Government's bruited £1.5bn business rates relief fund for businesses most affected by Covid

has yet to make single payment, leaving over 400,000 businesses dangling The Government’s £1.5bn business rates relief fund has yet to pay a single penny to businesses appealing their business rates payments

As a result, over 400,000 businesses are still stuck in the appeals system as they await promised Covid-19 financial support, a situation business ratings expert Colliers calls “a disgrace”.

Most of the firms claimed that the Covid-19 restrictions had caused a material change of circumstances (MCC), which is normally a valid reason to request refunds.

However, in March the Government banned appeals based on Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and instead offered a £1.5bn business rates relief fund, which would “get cash to affected businesses in the most proportionate and equitable way”.

Six months on, the legislation relating to changing business rates appeals has still not passed through Parliament and become law –- and there are no signs it will be passed in the immediate future.

As a result, hundreds and thousands of businesses are still stuck in a “no man’s land” with no obvious way forward.

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